What Vet Clinics Need to Know about SEO

In our 20+ years of experience marketing doctors, there are more rogue “SEO specialists” for hire than good ones. SEO is a popular acronym amongst marketing and computer geeks. Let’s breakdown what you need to know:

What does SEO mean?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization (sometimes also referred to as SEM for Search Engine Management). SEO is basically what happens on and behind your website to ensure that it is visible to your audience online.

For example, your client may be interested in learning about vaccinations. They type, “vaccines for dogs” into their Google search bar and find hundreds of results. The results that appear towards the top have SEO experts that are actively making sure their results are ranking highly.

Let’s look at it a different way: SEO is about “training” Google to understand the purpose of a website. Google looks at the webpages on a website to understand what the website has to offer. Google looks at various parts of the website and picks up terms and phrases to understand the website. These terms and phrases match the user’s search. SEO experts work to optimize or improve your website to ensure that Google likes and trusts it.

Paid vs Organic

Scenario: your potential client has just Googled “best food for my obese cat”. The results typically fall into two categories:

Paid Results: These results appear at the top of the page with “sponsored” or “ad” appearing next to them. The companies representing these results have paid for their results to appear.

Organic Results: These results are directly under the paid results. The companies listed here have likely built their websites correctly so that Google likes them, continues to have new and relevant content for their audience and likely focuses on keywords to help people find them online.

In a nutshell, paid tends to be easier to achieve but is more expensive. Organic tends to be more “scientific” to achieve but extremely necessary to ensure that your business is found. We use the term “scientific” loosely here – it is an easy way of describing what a trustworthy SEO guru does and the magic that they create.

Location, Location

No, we are not buying a house or looking for your new veterinary clinic location. We are talking about:

Google Local – Your SEO expert should always list your business through Google Local. This is because people like to Google, “Vet near me” or “Vet in Springfield”. Having your business listed locally is one of the top five best moves for your SEO.

Location of your SEO expert – Hustle Marketing has worked with SEO experts in Australia, India, Israel, Ireland and America. Some of them great and some of them not so great. We have learned that it is best to use someone locally that you can get on the phone, have face to face meetings with and trust. Hustle Marketing’s SEO experts are all of this more – we only use tried and trusted experts for ourselves and our clients.

SEO Reporting

To ensure that your SEO professional is doing their job, they should provide two types of reporting to you:

Google Analytics: Google provides a free reporting tool called “Google Analytics”. Your SEO team can set this up for you and you are able to login and monitor your website at any time. This reporting tool is very detailed and can show you almost anything you desire in relation to your website traffic.

Tailored Reporting: Your SEO team should provide you with a tailored report that shows their efforts and results of your agreed goals. For example, you may want to organically rank in the top three for “vet clinic laser therapy near me”, Your SEO team would show the monthly results for these goals. Clearly this is just one example to illustrate a tailored report. The overall goal of this report is to ensure that your SEO dollars are working!

Let Hustle Marketing take the “oh no” out of SEO. Give us a call – we can help your patients find you instead of Dr Google!