Our Clinic Spends an Excess of $5k Annually on Yellow Pages

Hustle Marketing has had the honor of working with hundreds of vets on three continents. And the most common line we hear about marketing is, “My marketing is done – we just signed a two-year contract with Yellow Pages.”  This is a great use of your marketing dollars if you are getting new clients from it.  Are you?

Every precious marketing dollar spent should give you a return and be tracked so that you are confident your time, efforts and money are working for you. There is a reason that garbage men loathe the Yellow Pages – they are heavy and go straight to your garbage as soon as they arrive.  When was the last time you consulted your Yellow Pages book to find a service?  When is the last time you consulted Google to find something?

Odds are, you used your phone or computer to find something via Google.  And the result of your search did not appear on yellowpages.com.  Times have changed and Yellow Pages knows this and is pushing their existing dwindling client base to sign contracts that are nearly impossible to get out of.

It would be presumptuous of Hustle Marketing to say that your marketing dollars should go into SEO instead of Yellow Pages. And in some older demographics, Yellow Pages can be slightly relevant. However, older demographics carry the risk of dying (yes, we said it) and it’s important to consider how current and future pet owners are going to search for a vet.

Hustle Marketing surveyed approximately 12,000 new vet clients between 2014-2015 and asked them how they found their new vet. The results fell into the below 5 responses:

  1. Personal referral
  2. Clinic location (i.e. drive by)
  3. Online search
  4. Clinic signage
  5. Marketing (newspaper advertisement, direct mail, radio)

Let Hustle Marketing help your patients find you.