We’ll help achieve your goals as efficiently as possible. Just like a doctor, we start with an examination that involves listening and learning before we diagnose and treat. It doesn’t matter if this is a small campaign or a new website – the steps we take are always the same to ensure that our clients get the best service and results.



In a nutshell, we listen and ask questions. We listen to understand why you want to do something or what the issue is that marketing can solve. We learn and we think. Because Hustle Marketing specializes in marketing Doctors, this step is often shorter than you may expect. That does not mean that we make assumptions, it means that our experience is in your favor.


In this step, we clearly define the challenge and the implications. We outline various suggestions and discuss the pros and cons of each one. Once we are both happy with the direction that we are taking, the time it will take, the budget and the anticipated results, we move to the next step.


This is where the magic happens. We utilize our team of experts to achieve the specific needs outlined. Once we receive your approval, we implement.
In other words, we get to work on designing, creating, writing, developing and more to deliver a final product to you.


You request labs for your patients to learn about their results. Marketing should not be any different – we share our results in a report to you. We then review these together (and sometimes celebrate) and decide if we will continue and/or adjust to achieve success. If the project is ongoing, we will agree a reporting timeline and meeting schedule to ensure that we are both happy with the results.


This is not how we roll at Hustle Marketing – our clients each have one point of contact, their Account Manager. This is the only person that will contact you (unless you request otherwise or it is deemed necessary for a specific project). They will coordinate all of the work in the background and run it by you for your final approval before hitting the big green “GO” button. We appreciate that you are very busy and that your time is better spent with your patients.

A lot of agencies provide “canned” reports to all of their clients. We tailor all of our reports to measure what makes sense for the project and/or client. It isn’t hard to provide you with these reports at all.