• 3,461 Podiatry patients have experienced our marketing

  • 49 Podiatrists have received our marketing expertise

  • 24 Podiatry receptionists coached in marketing

As you can see from our stats, we know better than to say that you mostly care for elderly patients’ feet or that you prescribe funny looking shoes with orthotics. We have witnessed firsthand the powerful profession of Podiatry and understand that it is so much more.  We are well versed in plantar fasciitis, hammer toes and bunions and appreciate the role that you play with children, athletes, blue collar workers and diabetic patients. It is safe to say that the general public stereotypes the Podiatry profession and is obliviously unaware of what you are capable of and who you are capable of helping. This is where Hustle Marketing comes in. We can help to educate your current and future patients.  You can get back to assessing a patient’s gait analysis and we can shine a big light on your clinic team’s capabilities.  Give us a call or send us an email today.