We have been doing this for over 20 years and as a result, our skills are pretty top notch. We work with doctors and business owners that tend to be overachievers. What on earth does that mean? It means that we understand how to market you effectively. And we love working with you guys and gals – you were the smart kids in school, voted most likely to succeed and the term “overachiever” fits you.

We are guessing that you probably went to college for a really long time, not because partied (kudos if you did fit that in) but because you carry the title of “Dr” or “Owner”. You have finely tuned your professional skills and are now running your own business and need a little or a lot of help with your marketing. This is where Hustle Marketing comes in. Our niche is marketing you to get more profitable clients and customers. It sounds very simple and rest assured, our number one goal is to make it simple for you. You have your bag of tricks and we have our marketing magic.

Even though we have over 20 years’ experience helping doctors and business owners, we are not here to push one idea or concept onto you. Just like a diagnoses, there is not a one size fits all solution. We partner with you to develop and implement marketing strategies as unique as you. Big project? Small project? We can support you by providing a tiny bit of marketing or a lot. We can act as your external marketing team or as the secret weapon of your existing marketing team. We can work together for a few months or a few years. Hustle Marketing fits into your budget and delivers on your goals.



Whether you are reviewing your management structure, considering an expansion model, succession planning or exit strategy, we can help to guide you. We offer marketing and business coaching to suit your needs. Our marketing coaching keeps you on the right path to achieve your strategic goals and plans.

Loyalty Program

When done wrong, they are a catastrophic. When done right, they improve client loyalty and increase revenue. We can create these from scratch including program and logo design, implement, train and manage fully or improve your existing program.

Marketing Plan

We can fully manage media relations for you or help as needed to support with a project or campaign. This includes writing a press release, media outreach, photography, scheduling interviews and crisis media to name a few.

Website & SEO

We are strong believers in the power of SEO and ensuring that you are found online and that you receive qualified new patients. Your website reflects you and should be beautifully designed, helpful and functional for your existing and future clients. We can do all of the heavy lifting and create a website for you from scratch or we can update your existing site.


From logo updating to creation, style guides and taglines to communication strategies and competitive analysis. Your brand is your identity. Our job is to tell your story and showcase you and your team.


We can solely create campaigns from scratch to fruition or work with you implement them together. Sometimes based on seasons and industry trends and always educational, campaigns can be an excellent strategy to increase foot traffic while strengthening loyalty and discovering new clients.

Communication Plans

Keeping your clients informed is always a good idea. We can create industry specific content to support client communication and distribute this across multiple marketing channels so that you are always top of mind.

Digital Marketing

This generic term encompasses so much – from web design and content, to SEO, blogging and email marketing. Don’t let any of it overwhelm you, we have you covered!

Lead Generation

We can create cross referral programs, focus on lead nurturing, prospect nurturing and digital leads to target your future patients. Or “new clients” is something that we excel at.

Media Relations

We can fully manage media relations (or public relations as it is often referred to as) for you or help as needed to support with a project or campaign. This includes writing a press release, media outreach, photography, scheduling interviews and crisis media to name a few.

Print & Design

There will always be a place for printed marketing – especially the kind that looks pretty and is informative without being overwhelming. We can manage the design, the content and the printing from your stationary to brochures, forms, posters and ads to name a few.

Social Media

We can manage this for you so that you experience the benefits of social media (branding, reviews, relevant client stories, targeted advertising, etc) And mitigate your risk (reputation damage, unmonitored comments, negative feedback, etc).

Speaking Engagements

We like to speak to groups of Doctors and professional service business owners because there is nothing as satisfying as connecting with another by sharing your knowledge and expertise. We can work with organizers to ensure CE credit and tailor our talks to suit almost any topic.