Veterinary Website Design In the Minneapolis Area

If you are looking for a veterinary website design in the Minneapolis area and beyond, you have come to the right place. Hustle Marketing has worked with nearly 500 vets and we have built countless websites. We can take care of all the heavy lifting and create a website for you or we can update your existing website. We take the time to ensure that your website reflects your vet team and clinic. Then we design beautiful, professional and smart websites to inform your existing clients and help you find new clients.

In our experience, veterinarians and practice managers are overwhelmed by their clinic website. How do we update it? How do we find someone to design us a new one? Who can we trust? How much is it going cost? And what is SEO and why do we need to care?

If you are feeling overwhelmed from some of these questions – read on and give us a call when you are ready.

Vet Websites Can Be Affordable & Budget Friendly

Yes, we mention money first because we are saddened when we learn how much our new clients paid for their websites. Most of our clients have spent between $4,000-25,000 for their vet clinic website. That is extremely overpriced for a simple website that is hard to navigate, uses outdated stock photos, is not tailored to the vet clinic and typically has an outdated vet team listed or worse yet, the wrong phone number.

A professional veterinary website design that is customized for your vet clinic averages $1,500-2,500 with Hustle Marketing. The lower end vs. higher end of that fee relates to how many pages are required, how much content needs to be written and how many features you need to include (i.e. online store, client login, etc).

Ongoing Website Fees Explained

In addition to the above website creation cost, many of our new clients are also paying a monthly “management” fee that is between $100-500 a month and includes no SEO (more on SEO below). This monthly fee pays for a third party to manage their website edits and updates. The only ongoing monthly fee that every business needs to pay is their domain hosting fee; think of it as renting space online within your website address. Every business that has a website pays a hosting fee. The charges for this should be between $50-80 a month or less if you have opted to pay annually. If you are paying more, it’s time to look at your contract and get out of it!

If you choose to have Hustle Marketing design your website and need changes, we can do this for you or we can teach you how to do it yourself. Hustle Marketing does not create your website and then hide the keys. We train your chosen team members (typically your practice manager, lead vet tech or vet clinic owner) how to make updates on your vet clinic website. You may need to update your opening hours, remove or add a vet team member or add a new service. If you can edit a Microsoft Word document, you can edit your website. However, if you and your vet team are not comfortable making changes on your website, Hustle Marketing can do it for you and typically within 24-48 hours (or in minutes if you need it done sooner)!

Would you like a beautiful, professional and affordable veterinary website?

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Building a Mobile Responsive Veterinary Website Design

On November 2016, Statcounter reported that smartphone and tablet internet traffic overtook desktops for the first time in history. What does this mean for your website? It means that your site must be created for smartphones, tablets and desktops. Creating a website that looks beautiful and is easy to navigate on a desktop means that you are ignoring 50% of your existing and potential clients. Make sure that your vet clinic website is designed to be responsive i.e. that the design of your website changes to adapt to whatever device it is being viewed on. Your website will cleanly and clearly reformat to fit into the iPhone or Samsung Galaxy that it is being viewed on. At Hustle Marketing, all of our veterinary website designs are built to be mobile responsive.

Impress Visitors by Showcasing Your Vet Clinic

There are a lot of “cookie cutter” websites created for vet clinics. They use the same images, same navigation and similar content. These types of websites are as simple and basic as a black and white yellow pages ad. Every veterinary website design that Hustle Marketing creates is tailored for your clinic. We showcase what makes you interesting/fun/better than the rest. Perhaps you have a veterinarian that specializes in Pugs or cruciate ligament surgery, a vet tech that is also a dog trainer, a groomer on staff that creates masterpieces or a receptionist that knows all of your clients and their pets by first name. Your clinic might have just invested in dental x-ray equipment, started offering stem cell therapy or recently stocked vet clinic branded shampoo products. Whatever makes your clinic special should be clearly highlighted on your clinic website. Don’t settle for a “cookie cutter” website for your vet clinic – it won’t be interesting and it won’t win over your clients.

SEO – If You Build It Right, They Will Come

SEO – Search Engine Optimization a.k.a. making Google fall in love with your website starts with how your website is built. The majority of SEO focuses on optimizing your website after it is built a.k.a. making it attractive for Google to fall in love with. But the first step in making Google fall in love with your vet clinic website is building it correctly.

When Hustle Marketing builds your vet clinic website, we create page titles, meta and title tags, research keywords and more. Any web developer worth their salt should design your website to be successful with SEO. The voice heard on Field of Dreams in 1989 was almost correct, “If you build it RIGHT, they will come.” And that is exactly what Hustle Marketing does for veterinary clinic websites.

Still feeling overwhelmed? Give us a call – we’ll take care of you! Hustle Marketing also offers a wide range of marketing services for Vet clinics that you can take advantage of besides just website design. Take a look at all of our services and let us know how we can help!